EVA compound line

1. Dispersion Kneader : This Dispersion kneader will mix all of the EVA, Rubber & plastic material. The dispersion Kneaderr is availabe for 35L, 55L, 75L, 110L & 150L

2. Bucket conveyor : This bucket conveyor transfer the ready mixing material to pellet extrude machine.

3. Pelleting machine : After conveyor load material to extrude. The pellet machine will make the compound. The compound capacity depends on pellet machine size . Pellet machine is availabe for 120mm, 150mm, 165mm, 180mm.

4.Cooling barrel with blower: To keep the pellet as cool.

5. Vibrating sieve : The vibrating will make pellet cool.

6. Vertical storage tank with semi-auto material weight system. To storage the pellet in the tank. It can add the semi-auto weight system to make load the pellet as 25kgs/per bag as requested.